Tom’s girl is pretty Margot Thoms, a Michigan Senior. She helps him answer fan mail.

No. 98 is the most famous football number of the year. It belongs to Michigan’s great halfback, 21-year-old 195-lb. Tom Harmon. Every Saturday, while thousands of Michigan alumni and fans scream with excitement, No. 98 runs for touchdowns. His pile-driving legs grind his way through the line. His swivel hips spin him away from tacklers. His speed leaves opponents far behind. By mid-season Harmon fans were so excited they were disappointed if he did not make 70 yd. every time he carried the ball.
    On Oct. 26 Michigan played powerful Pennsylvania at Ann Arbor. The remarkable magic-eye pictures
(below) show what happened. While Michigan’s fast-charging line bottled Penn’s attack and limited Penn’s star halfback, Frank Reagan, to a mere 10 yd., Harmon gained 142 yd., raced for one touchdown, threw a forward pass for another, kicked two goals after touchdowns. Michigan won 14 – 0.
    From the time he entered Horace Mann High School in Gary, Ind., Harmon has been a football hero. As a Michigan junior, he made the national All-America. This year he is leading ground gainer in the country: 580 yd. rushing, 253 yd. passing. He is sure to repeat as All-America and, if he is not stopped by Minnesota this Saturday, will probably win the Heiseman trophy given to year’s greatest player.
    Harmon holds a scholarship, works hard to maintain his good B average. He helps pay his way through college by distributing gum samples, selling shoes and books, running copy for a printer. In his spare time Harmon collects swing records, goes around with pretty Margot Thoms (left). He runs a sports show over a local radio station on Saturday mornings. Although he gets no pay for this show, he hopes to become a sports announcer after he graduates next June.

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Touchdown Run
Touchdown Pass
Long Gain

Picture printed to the right of story: Penn lineman spills Harmon after gain

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